Visiting Northern Kyoto

from Amino Sta. to Kotohikihama by Tankai Bus

Kotohikihama: The sea is unbelievably clear!

The white sandy beach / I'm gonna get sunburned
Open air bath / Open: End of Spring - mid Sept. / Kotohikihama Singing Sand Museum
from Kotohikihama to Tenki Tenki Mura by Tankai Bus

Tenki Tenki Tango: Tango is a treasure trove of fresh seafood. Kaisendon bowl of rice topped with sashimibowl.

Tenki Tenki Tango / Cafeteria
Geopark museum, free admission! / You can buy Tango Chirimen crepes a local product here!
from Departure to Arrival on foot

Museum of the Ancient City of Tango: Lots of earthenware discovered in Kyotango are displayed here!

Museum of the Ancient City of Tango / The Hokakukiku Sacred Mirror of Four Deities dating from the third year of the seiryu era
An ancient person / Ancient life in the Yayoi Era, reenacted
from Departure to Arrival on foot

Takano Shrine: Takano Shrine with a long distinguished history

from Departure to Arrival on foot

Shinmeiyama Tumulus: The three largest tumuli in Kyotango. Stone monument at the top.

Walking Course: Walk about 10min. / 160m
Jizo Walking / the mountain pass
from Departure to Arrival on foot

Onaru Tumuli Group: Wow! What a magnificent view!

A very influential person must be buried here! / A fantastic view from here too!
It's so peaceful! / Fascinating!
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