Renting a car to drive to sightseeing spots 2

Kounotori Tajima Airport

Kounotori Tajima Airport
from Kounotori Tajima Airport to Kinosaki Onsen by car
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Kinosaki Onsen Station
Kinosaki Tourism Association: Travel Guide
from Kinosaki Onsen to Kumihama by car
Gosho Inaba Honke -the Merchant Inaba Family Residence-: Why don't you try barazushi for lunch?
Take a breather in beautiful surroundings! / Spacious, traditional Japanese architecture!
High ceiling! / A portable carriage for a bride
from Departure to Arrival by car
Kumihama Bay: Hop on and enjoy the Kumihama Sightseeing Boat!
So exciting! / You can see Mt.Kabuto / Muzinto Island -a popular tourist attraction- / Drinks are included in the sightseeing boat cruise tour.
So relaxing in open-air surroundings!
from Departure to Arrival by car
Kinoshita Sake Brewery: Local sake is produced here by Japan's first foreign-born Master Sake Brewer. A sake flavored soft ice cream.
Stroll around Yuhigaura: A beautiful beach with a magnificent sunset
Fascinating! / Beautiful, isn't it, Koppe-chan!
The silk fabric industry flourished here! / What a wonderful day!

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