A variety of experiences (mountainside)

Amity Tango: Farmer's market. Every Sunday morning 8am-10am.

Painting Tango Chirimen handkerchiefs
from Amity Tango to Kotohira Shrine by EV taxi
Attention! Reservations are required for the EV taxi.
Komaneko Painting: You can make your own crafts! Attention! Price(Pair): 3,500yen Time required: 90 min. Reservation: Required
Kotohira Shrine: Why Komaneko? Because they are guardians of Tango Chirimen crepes.
Kotohira Shrine / Display of Komanekos in the shrine!
Let's explore Kotohira Shrine / Inner shrine of Kotohira Shrine with unique guardians
from Mineyama to Ono-no-Komachi Onsen by Tankai Bus
Ono-no-Komachi Onsen: Why don't you relax at an onsen? Many public onsen in Kyotango!
from Ono-no-Komachi Onsen to Mineyama Sta. by Tankai Bus
Stroll around Mineyama Station: Wow! A lot of fresh seafood!
I'm gonna buy this for a souvenir. / A variety of seafood!
Mineyama Station / Take a break at a café
from Mineyama Sta. to Amanohashidate Sta. by Kyoto Tango Railway Miyamai/Miyatoyo Line for Nishimaizuru

Amanohashidate Tourism Association: Travel Guide
Information is current as of July 2016 and is subject to change without notice.

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