Can I use my JR Pass in this area?
Sorry, you can’t. However, JR WEST RAIL PASS covers the Kyotango area. The pass which covers the Kyotango area comes in three types.
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Are there any discount tickets that are sold in this area?
Yes, there are. One or two day free passes for Amanohashidate are available. You can buy the passes at Fukuchiyama, Nishimaizuru, Miyazu, Amanohashidate, and Toyooka Stations on that day.
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Unfortunately, KYOTO Sea Area Pass is no longer available.
How often do the local buses run?
About once an hour but depending on destinations or what bus line you take.
Is there somewhere I can exchange money?
You can exchange money at the Bank of Kyoto in Kyotango City. They deal in American dollars.
Are there any ATMs where I can withdraw cash near Amino Station?
Yes, there are. You can use international credit cards to withdraw cash from ATMs at Amino Post Office.
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Access: 10min by car from Amino Station, or 30min walk from Amino Station.
Service hours: Weekdays 8:45-18:00, Saturday 9:00-17:00, Sunday 9:00-15:00.

How can I take the sightseeing train which is designed by Japan’s famous train designer?
To take the sightseeing train (Kuromatsu train, Akamatsu train), you’ll need to make a reservation via Kyoto Tango Railway’s website (only in Japanese) http://trains.willer.co.jp/ or travel agencies. A reservation is required for the Akamatsu train, however, if the seat is available, you can make a reservation on that day, at a staffed station of the Kyoto Tango Railway stations.
Where can I rent a bicycle in Kyotango City?
You can rent a bicycle at Kumihama Tourist Information Center. Bicycle are available at 400yen for one day.
Is there any coin locker or luggage storage service at Amino Station?
I’m sorry, we don’t provide luggage storage services or coin lockers.
How much does it cost to stay at a ryokan?
Prices range from about 5,000yen to 30,000yen or more per person depending on which ryokan you stay in. Also, prices can vary if your stay includes dinner and or breakfast or the type of meal you choose.
How much does it cost for camping?
1,500yen-3,000yen per night at the tent site. You will have to pay a parking fee depending on the campsite in addition to the camping fee.
What is the weather like in Kyotango?
Year round, the weather is warm and pleasant. However, in the winter, the weather can be variable.
Why Taiza-gani (Taiza Snow Crab) is called the king of crabs?
This is because they are fresher than any other high grade brand crabs. Since the fishing grounds are close to Taiza Port, this allows the fishermen to leave and return within a day and then auction the crabs, maintaining their freshness and allowing them to be served in luxury hotels, inns, and restaurants on the same day.
Information is current as of July 2017 and is subject to change without notice.

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